Party Plans

Casual Plan

Casual Plan

Plan details (three-course meal)

  • Salad
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • With 2-hour all-you-can-drink plan

2,500 yen

We use local ingredients grown in Yanbaru and Nago, as well as fresh vegetables from local farmers, to create exquisite meals.
Our special dishes with the two-hour all-you-can-drink plan cost only 2,500yen! Recommended for travelers who want to dine, or locals who want to have a drinking party.
*If you change the plan to the “select wine (8 kinds) all-you-can-drink plan”: 3,000 yen

Standard Plan

Standard Plan

Plan details (five-course meal)
Enjoy the seasonal vegetables and locally raised chicken that our chef recommends.

  • Salad
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Fish or meat
  • With 2-hour all-you-can-drink plan

3,500 yen

The most recommended plan by “Cafe ENISHI,” a five-course meal of pizza, pasta, etc. that comes with all-you-can-drink plan!
The moderate amount of the food is just about right for girls drinking parties or small parties. We change menu seasonally, so you can enjoy different dishes every time you try this plan.
*If you change the plan to the “select wine (8 kinds) all-you-can-drink plan”: 4,000 yen

Premier Plan

Premier Plan

Plan details (seven-course meal)
Enjoy the seasonal vegetables and locally raised chicken that our chef recommends.

  • Salad
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Fish or meat
  • Assorted platter (prosciutto, cheese, salmon, etc.)
  • Desserts (with coffee or tea)
  • With 2-hour all-you-can-drink plan

4,500 yen

This is a plan that meets the need of the people who want to treat themselves to a rather sumptuous dinner.
Fully enjoy the exquisite meals created by a chef with international cuisine experience including Japanese, western, and Chinese.
*If you change the plan to the “select wine (8 kinds) all-you-can-drink plan”: 5,000 yen

Chef’s Recommendation

Deep-fried bananafishServed in the form of boneless fillet.
Typically bone and meat are separated when served, but at “Cafe ENISHI,” they are still connected when served.
But all bones are removed, so it is easy to eat for children.
The fried bananafish looks like flying…
Flying fry…. just kidding!
650 yen
Gooey salad dressed with tofu (mulukhiya, okra, Anredera cordifolia, and Okinawan-style tofu)The vegetables served for lunch are combined into one!
Enjoy the different taste from the lunch meals. /span>
380 yen
”Naberanbushi” (sponge cucumber)”Nabera” means “sponge cucumber”, and “nbushi” means “stir-fry”.
Enjoy Cafe ENISHI’s original taste
650 yen
[Chef’s masterpiece!]
Deep-fried pettitoesOur chef’s masterpiece.
Try the dishes created by our chef with 10 years of experience in Tokyo at hotels, family restaurants, izakaya, stake houses, and various other places!
600 yen
Ox tongueFlavored with our original Shekwasha (citrus depressa) sauce.
We use the shekwasha grown in Nago.
1,200 yen
Healthy hamburg stake (made with tofu)Comes with salad, soup and rice
650 yen
Okinawan-style octopus dressed with Kimchi 600 yen


Yanbaru pork gristle BBQThis was originally served only for a group with reservation, but
because everyone loved it, it is now part of our regular dinner menu!
The gristle is flavored with BBQ sauce after stewed.
The rich taste perfectly goes with alcohol!
1,200 yen
Sliced raw Yanbaru chevonUses chevon sourced through our chef’s original route.
It is a festive meal in Okinawa.
Eat with shoyu and ginger.
Vinegar also goes with it. It doesn’t have the unique odor and is easy to eat even for chevon beginners.
1,200 yen
Broiled local (Haneji-grown) Hai ChickenUses chickens reared slowly over a long time.
The muscular meat contains less fat and resilient!
Haneji-style is to flavor the killed chicken with shoyu and broil it over a charcoal fire until it is crisp.
Our home-made sauce and the roasting aroma go perfectly with alcohol.
Experience the Haneji-style at Cafe ENISHI!
600 yen
Roasted Ie beefIe beef is very rare and hard to find elsewhere. Its fat tastes sweet and rich but not greasy.
It is hard to find even in main island of Okinawa, so our chef is sourcing it through his original route.
As quoted
Gyoza made with Kuroryuton Agu pork 500 yen
Healthy hamburg stake made with home-made Okinawan-style tofu 700 yen


Salad with our original Okinawan-style tofu and tomatoes 620 yen
Tuna & corn salad with local vegetables of the season 750 yen
Petit coleslaw with cheese 400 yen

Chanpuru (Okinawan stir-fry dish)

Tofu Chanpuru 650 yen
Somen Chanpuru 600 yen
Fu (wheat gluten cake) Chanpuru 600 yen

A La Carte Menu

Young mottled spinefoot pickled in salt served on tofu – ENISHI-style 520 yen
Garlic fried Suchika (Okinawan salt pork) and potatoes 600 yen
Taro fries topped with brown sugar sauce 400 yen
Sauteed white fish and mushrooms with butter 620 yen
Garlic butter rice 450 yen
Boroboro juicy (Okinawan-style porridge) 500 yen
Fried garlic potatoes 400 yen
Okinawan-style scallion tempra (seasonal)Uses large and delicious scallion. 380 yen
Okinawan-style scallion rubbed with salt (seasonal) Uses large and delicious scallion. 380 yen


Okinawa Soba topped with extra-large roasted pork gristle

Okinawa Soba topped with extra-large roasted pork gristle

The Soba is topped with extra-large pork gristle. The gristle is meaty like sparerib!
The Soba uses ”Motobu aged noodle,” a specialty of northern Oinawa, which is chewy and hard to absorb water. We source it from the noodle maker in Motobu-cho.
Enjoy the unique taste different from ordinary Okinawa Soba.

900 yen

Cold Soba flavored with shekwasha (citrus depressa) grown in Nago

Cold Soba flavored with Shekwasha grown in Nago

Uses Shekwasha mainly
from the local farms.

650 yen

Cold pasta with original tacos meat

Cold pasta with original tacos meat


800 yen


Margerita 790 yen
Original tacos style pizza 790 yen


Soft Drink

Green coffeeAn extract of unroasted, green coffee beans imported from the U.S.
It tastes lighter than regular coffee.
Recommended for health-conscious people.
500 yen
Coffee(ICE / HOT) 300 yen
Tea(ICE / HOT) 300 yen
Coke 300 yen
Ginger ale 300 yen
100% Orange juice 350 yen
100% Grapefruits juice 350 yen
Mango juice 350 yen

Alcoholic Beverages

Mugishokunin by OrionLow-malt beer 350 yen
Clear Free by OrionNon-alcoholic beer-like beverage 350 yen
Wine by the glass(Red / White) 400 yen
Awamori by the bottle 1,800 yen
Awamori by the glass 400 yen
Lemon chu-hai (white liquor highball) 350 yen
Grapefruit chu-hai 350 yen
Oolong tea chu-hai 350 yen